Individual Investor Services

Taglich Brothers, Inc. has successfully separated itself from the herd of Wall Street institutions by focusing on the Microcap Market, which, in spite of its many risks, has historically outperformed larger indexes in the long run. We further differentiate ourselves by individually managing customized accounts of selected securities, not groups of funds. This provides our customers with the leverage to practice tax-advantaged strategies tailored to their needs and the flexibility to avoid the fee based structures of the larger firms.

We provide asset management for individual investors for all types of investment vehicles such as Cash Accounts, Margin Accounts, IRA Accounts, Rollovers and others. Our brokerage services are designed for individuals who direct their own investments and understand the risks that are inherent in the Microcap Market.

If you would like to learn more about our approach please call Russell Bernier at 631-757-1500.