Fiber-Line Management Buyout ~ December 2012

Fiber-Line is a market leading manufacturer of high-performance, coated fibers in the US with a growing international presence. Fiber-Line takes raw fiber and applies proprietary, innovative coatings in a specialized manufacturing process (which includes twisting, winding and splicing) to enhance the performance characteristics of the fiber for use in a variety of industries, including fiber optics, oil & gas, composites and industrial. Fiber-Line was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Hatfield PA, with operations in Hickory NC and the Netherlands.

Taglich Brothers provided the majority of the required $14.6 million of equity capital. The transaction’s sponsor, Taglich Private Equity, arranged for sub-debt financing from Ironwood Capital, who was a co-investor in the company. Senior credit facilities were provided by National Penn Bank.

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