Alternative Investment

Taglich Brothers Investment Banking focuses on offering alternative investments in the Public and Private markets.

In the Public markets, we focus on providing micro-cap companies financing for strong management teams in diverse industries through Private Investments in Public Entities (PIPE’s). To view our most recent PIPE’s click here. 

In the Private market, we focus on purchasing companies in the lower tier of the middle market through management buyouts. Typical enterprise values are in the range of $20 – $100 million. We look for strong management teams with sustainable and expandable niches in manufacturing, business services and consumer products. To view our current portfolio of companies click here.

Accredited Investors / Institutional Investors:
We offer the Accredited Investors, Hedge Funds and other institutional investors the opportunity to participate in our alternative investments on a per transaction basis. This allows the investor to review each management buyout or PIPE transaction on its own merits and decide if they wish to invest. If you are an accredited investor or institution that would like information about our alternative investments please call Russ Bernier at 631-757-1500.

We continue to look for new alternative investment ideas in both the public and private markets.

Private Company:
If you are a Private Equity firm, management team, or intermediary that would like to speak to a representative about a leveraged buyout please call William Cooke at 212-661-6886 (Ext. 315).

Public Company:
If you are a Public company that needs financing to move forward with your business plans please call Len Schleicher at 646-290-5960.