Research Department: Taglich Brothers Rating System

Meaning of Ratings

The growth prospects, degree of investment risk, and valuation make the stock attractive relative to the general market or comparable stocks.

Speculative Buy
Long term prospects of the company are promising but investment risk is significantly higher than it is in our BUY-rated stocks. Risk-reward considerations justify purchase mainly by high risk-tolerant accounts. In the short run, the stock may be subject to high volatility and could continue to trade at a discount to its market.

Based on our outlook the stock is adequately valued. If investment risks are within acceptable parameters, this equity could remain a holding if already owned.

Based on our outlook the stock is significantly overvalued. A weak company or sector outlook and a high degree of investment risk make it likely that the stock will underperform relative to the general market.

Research coverage discontinued due to the acquisition of the company, termination of research services (includes non-payment for such services), diminished investor interest, or departure of the analyst.

Some notable Risks within the Small Cap Market
Stocks in the Small Cap segment of the market have many risks that are not as prevalent in Large-cap or Blue Chip stocks. Often it is these risks that cause Small Cap stocks to trade at discounts to their peers. The most common of these risks is liquidity risk, which is typically caused by small trading floats and very low trading volume which can lead to large spreads and high volatility in stock price. In addition, Small Caps tend to have significant company specific risks that contribute to lower valuations. Investors need to be aware of the higher probability of financial default and higher degree of financial distress inherent in the small cap segment of the market.

From time to time our analysts may choose to withhold or suspend a rating on a company. We continue to publish informational reports on such companies; however, they have no ratings or price targets. In general, we will not rate any company that has too much business or financial uncertainty for our analysts to form an investment conclusion, or that is currently in the process of being acquired.

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