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Market Data: Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, SEC

Report Link: Updated Research Report (Dated May 31, 2022)

Symbol: OMQS
Analyst: Howard Halpern
Taglich Rating: Speculative Buy
Price Target: $13.00
Time Horizon: 12 Months
Rating Established: April 8, 2021
Price When Established: $9.17
Most Recent Report: May 31, 2022
Price When Issued: $5.89

What’s New

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Company Description

OMNIQ Corp. headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah is a global provider of computerized and machine vision image processing solutions that use patented and proprietary AI technology to deliver data collection, real-time surveillance and monitoring for supply chain management, homeland security, public safety, traffic and parking management, as well as access control applications. The company’s technology and services enable clients to move people, assets and data safely and securely through airports, warehouses, schools, national borders, and numerous other applications and environments.

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