AutoNet Mobile ~ $5,320,000 Private Placement ~ Convertible Preferred Stock - September 2012

Founded in 2005, Autonet Mobile, Inc. is the first Internet-based telematics and applications service platform for the automotive transportation market. Based on a technology platform designed to maintain wireless connectivity to vehicles in motion, Autonet has provided its product and services directly to several of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers.

Taglich Brothers helped Autonet quickly raise capital with accredited individual investors to strengthen the Company’s balance sheet and to provide working capital for the roll out of their newest generation Telematic Controls Units (TCU) device. The net proceeds will help the Company to launch its new product and grow their systems to manage the increased subscriber base. Taglich Brothers’ helps micro-cap companies with big goals, such as Autonet, who hopes to one day be the standard of Telematics for all cars, trucks, or rolling vehicles.

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