Research that Identifies
Undiscovered Value in the MicroCap Market

Research Department


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Boxlight Corporation (BOXL) Announces Acquisition of EOS Education

Aspen Group, Inc. (ASPU) Research Update Released

MamaMancini's Holdings, Inc. (MMMB) Reports 2Q19 Results

Pareteum Corporation (TEUM) Announces Shareholders Vote in Favor of Artilium Acquisition

Unique Fabricating, Inc. (UFAB) Research Update Released

MDxHealth SA (MXDHF) Research Update Released

Nexeon Medsystems, Inc. (NXNN) Research Update Released

Integrity Gaming Corp. (IGAMF) Research Update Released

UFP Technologies, Inc. (UFPT) Research Update Released

First Choice Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (FCHS) Research Update Released

Perion Network Ltd. (PERI) to Affect Reverse Stock Split on August 24

AeroCentury Corp. (ACY) Research Update Released

Catasys, Inc. (CATS) Reports 2Q18 Results

Cemtrex Inc. (CETX) Announces 3Q18 Results

Air Industries Group (AIRI) Reports 2Q18 Results

Borqs Technologies, Inc. (BRQS) Final Update Released

The Coretec Group, Inc. (CRTG) Reports 2Q18 Results

Bridgeline Digital, Inc. (BLIN) Reports 3Q18 Results

Intellinetics, Inc. (INLX) Reports 2Q18 Results

Zynex, Inc. (ZYXI) Research Update Released

BG Staffing, Inc. (BGSF) Research Update Released

UFP Technologies, Inc. (UFPT) Research Update Released

Simulations Plus, Inc. (SLP) Announces DILIsym Grant Award

Solis Tek, Inc. (SLTK) Final Update Released

DecisionPoint Systems, Inc. (DPSI) Acquires Royce Digital Systems

Taglich Brothers' Equity Research department is dedicated to providing research reports that are informative, insightful and illuminating. Reports are designed to distill volumes of investment information into a concise, straightforward format so that busy professional investors can make informed investment decisions.

Our Research Program has been designed to identify undiscovered microcap companies that we believe will appreciate in value once the market develops a better understanding of their potential. In the inefficient Microcap Marketplace, Taglich Brothers’ comprehensive, consistent, and timely research coverage provides visibility for these companies.

We feel research coverage is the best way to enlighten the Street about the hidden value of these overlooked companies. It also allows us to provide many excellent opportunities for our investors while helping the companies we follow achieve their goals. By disseminating this information we provide the companies we follow with a foundation from which they can leverage their own successes into a fair stock valuation and a competitive advantage over their peers who lack a following on Wall Street.

We are continuously screening and searching for new and exciting undiscovered companies to partner with. To that end, we invite any and all inquiries from individuals directly associated with publicly traded companies.

For more information about Taglich Brothers’ Research Program or to introduce a company to Taglich Brothers, please contact: or call 646-290-5960.